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Credit Card Processing — give your customers another payment option

PlatinumOne has been an innovator in the field of electronic payment processing. We can meet your merchant service needs, whether you need a standard terminal, a wireless terminal or a internet e-commerce option. Today's businesses find that credit cards offer their customers many advantages, such as convenience and security for both the business and their customer.

Debit cards (electronic checking cards) have become a staple of commerce. These allow the convenience of a customer paying for goods or services with a payment directly from their checking account without having to write a paper check. Debit and credit cards have become the preferred and most accepted way of collecting funds for many businesses around the world. Let PlatinumOne show you the way.

In fact we are so confident that we’ll save you money on your credit card processing costs or we’ll pay $1,000.00!

Simply provide us a copy of a credit card processing statement and we'll give you a customized proposal showing your projected savings. Our proposal will break down exactly what you are being charged now and what PlatinumOne proposes to charge. If we do not show a savings, you receive a check for $1,000 within five business days! Guaranteed.